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Canon’s next generation wireless detectors take Digital Radiography to new heights. Reduced weight, waterproof, on-board memory and enhanced detector design are just a few of the clinically beneficial new features. The CXDI-410CW, CXDI-710CW, CXDI-810CW Wireless system ensures best performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality and versatility.



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  • Retrofits to any Solution
  • Easy upgrade
  • Non-Generator Connection mode
  • Graphical User Interface support with small sized PC
  • Improved water resistance
  • High resolution with 125 micron pixel pitch
  • High sensitivity with CsI Scintillator
  • Approximately 140 images with a fully charged battery
  • Detection possible with just 2 devices
  • Up to four detectors can be used in one room, offering you maximum flexibility to accommodate the required workflow in your institute.
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High-end segment

  • For University Hospital, Large Medical Center
  • The lightest panel in the industry(5.06lbs)
  • IPX7 Water Resistance
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CXDI Control Software NE

CXDI Control Software NE is made exclusively for use with Canon Digital Radiography Systems and helps to optimize workflow and reduce steps needed to complete exams.


  • Stitching—up to 4 images
  • Windows® 10 Supported
  • Improved noise reduction capability over earlier CXDI models
  • IHE and HIPAA Compliant
  • DICOM® Structured Dose Reporting
  • Scatter Correction Feature for non-grid exams (sold separately)






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