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Upgrade your workflow with faster speed and clearer CT image quality with our cutting-edge technology. Our 64 slice acquisition and up to 128 slice reconstruction capabilities ensure top-notch performance across various applications. Stay ahead with the latest dose awareness, reduction, and management features. Enjoy benefits such as improved patient access, reduced ownership costs, and the added advantage of Cardio StillShot motion correction, exclusively available with the Fujifilm SCENARIA View Focus Edition.

The Focus Edition: a game-changing CT scanner for Radiology, Cardiology, Emergency Departments, and Outpatient locations. Unleashing a one-of-a-kind synergy that will revolutionize the way you work and deliver exceptional patient care.


  • High Image Quality with Lower Dose*
  • Capability
  • Affordability
  • Reliability


Cardio StillShot

Cardio StillShot, the solution for motion correction in cardiac imaging. Our revolutionary algorithm ensures clear, high-quality images for all heart conditions, even at challenging heart rates. Without accurate temporal resolution, CT imaging can be unreliable for accurate diagnoses. That’s where Cardio StillShot comes in. By acquiring two data sets and comparing them as voxels, our technology detects and calculates motion, ensuring reliable results. With Cardio StillShot, we generate a Four D-Motion Vector Field, delivering artifact-free images with an effective temporal resolution of just 28 milliseconds. That’s a significant improvement of over six times compared to the standard 175 milliseconds. Say goodbye to motion-related issues in cardiac imaging with Cardio StillShot.

High Image Quality & Workflow

The Focus Edition is an advanced imaging system that utilizes 64 discrete detector/electronics channels for rapid true 64 slice thin-slice imaging. With a detector coverage of 40mm, it can reconstruct up to 128-slices per scan rotation. This cutting-edge technology allows for highly detailed images, particularly useful for small lesion and vessel assessment. Additionally, the system is equipped with metal artifact reduction capabilities, enabling orthopedic exams without any objectionable metal-induced artifacts.

Versatile Capabilities

The Focus Edition is a powerful premium performance CT solution. It offers high image quality and dependable routine application capabilities. This advanced system provides various clinical application options, including:
80mm Axial and 120mm Helical Coverage Shuttle Scan for Perfusion Exams
Calcium Scoring
Advanced Cardiac CTA with Cardio StillShot motion correction
Interventional Needle Guidance
Dual Energy Exams
Synapse 3D Visualization Servers and 2nd Console options

Superior Access and Scan Capability for Obese and Tall Patients

The Focus Edition is a state-of-the-art imaging system specifically designed to meet the needs of bariatric (and tall) patients. With a robust 550lb table weight capacity, an expansive and patient-friendly open 80cm gantry aperture, and an impressive 84kW generator, this system offers exceptional performance. It allows for up to 700mA operation, delivering high-quality images. Additionally, the Focus Edition features an automated lateral shift table, providing multiple benefits. Moreover, its extended table coverage of up to 200cm allows for scanning the entire length of a patient, accommodating individuals measuring 6.5ft.

Lateral Shift Table

The standard Auto Lateral Shift Table offers several advantages. It enables a ±10cm lateral shift (20cm total shift range), providing easier and more accurate positioning of the patient’s anatomy of interest at the scan Field of Focus Edition’s isocenter. This positioning ensures improved spatial resolution compared to off-center positioning. Additionally, when used in conjunction with the scanner’s small bow-tie filter, the dose* can be reduced for a non-centered patient.

Intelli IPV – Iterative Reconstruction

IPV (Intelligent Pixel Vision) is Fujifilm’s advanced iterative processing technique that combines dose reduction with improved image texture. Unlike conventional IR methods, IPV preserves the natural image texture, resulting in a better match with the appearance of Filtered Back Projection (FBP).

Utilizing IPV vs. conventional FBP reconstruction can provide

  • Reduction in dose up to 83% while maintaining the same image quality, specifically low contrast detectability.
  • Image noise reduction up to 90% at the same dose.
  • Control over noise reduction rate based on the IPV level employed.
  • Improvement in low contrast detectability by up to 2.0X (100%) at the same dose.
  • Achieving a natural appearance of image texture, resembling that of FBP, even when using higher IPV strength levels.

Vision Modeled Iterative Reconstruction

HiVision Detector

To further enhance image contrast detectability, the new HiVision Detector of the Focus Edition integrates advanced digital signal processing within each detector module. This integration effectively minimizes electronic noise in the acquired attenuation data, resulting in a significant reduction of electronic noise by 25%.

HiMAR Plus - Metal Artifact Reduction

HiMAR Plus is a revolutionary technology that allows for orthopedic exams without any unwanted metal-induced artifacts. With its advanced raw data correction capability, HiMAR Plus ensures accurate and artifact-free results.

Compact Design

Introducing the Focus Edition from Fujifilm, designed by leading micro-electronic experts. This advanced system utilizes limited room space efficiently, consisting of 3 system modules: the gantry, table, and operator’s console. Remarkably, there are no additional CT system cabinets, making it ideal for smaller spaces compared to previous CT designs.



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