Health and Wellness Therapy


Core Products has been creating and selling therapeutic products for over 25 years. They offer high quality, effective and natural solutions for Orthopedic and Chiropractic healthcare.

One example of an effective healthcare solution is CorPak. CorPak is the perfect product for relief of strains, sprains, headache, and other soft tissue injuries. CorPak offers both hot and cold treatment options, each in various sizes, built for the body area to be treated. The packs are filled with a non-toxic, biodegradable material that allows the packs to remain soft, even when heated or chilled.

Another example of a dependable Core Products therapy is the Jeanie Rub variable speed massager. Jeanie Rub delivers 1400-4600 rpm massaging action with the twist of a switch. The orbital action provides a softer and deeper massage than “percussion” type massagers. It is ideal for personal health; fitness; and sports massage.

Visit the Core Products catalog to learn more about these and other quality products. Contact us for further information and pricing.

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