Revolutionize your mammography with ASPIRE Cristalle


The ASPIRE Cristalle with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), a revolutionary solution designed to provide unmatched results and excellent patient experience. We made sure that this system was built smarter, delivering the precise image quality, operational excellence, and performance that mammographers need most.

If you are looking for an innovative imaging solution that goes beyond offering regular mammography readings but instead provides sharper images accompanied by patient comfort and unmatched ease of use – look no further than our ASPIRE Cristalle with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT).



Next Level Patient Comfort

Are mammograms uncomfortable for you? We understand that many women find them painful because breasts were not designed to be compressed flat. That’s why we are excited to introduce our latest innovation: the Comfort Paddle. It could be the game-changer when it comes to choosing where to schedule your next mammogram.

Optimal Department Workflow

The perfect solution for optimizing workflow. With its seamless integration of the human and technology aspects, this innovative system empowers technologists to prioritize meaningful patient interactions. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to a more efficient and fulfilling workflow.

The Comfort Paddle's Design – Better results Without More Pressure!

  • Designed with a flexible, slotted 4-way tilting paddle
  • Redistributes pressure normally concentrated on the thickest part of the breast
  • Compresses evenly along the natural curve of the breast Allows
  • for firmer, more tolerable compression for better visibility

Streamlined System Integration and Image Management

Bellus II, the ultimate mammography reading workstation. Experience the power of advanced tomosynthesis viewing and Intellilink image analysis tools, enabling a seamless and efficient reporting workflow. With direct integration with the ASPIRE Cristalle user interface, department efficiency is taken to a whole new level. Enjoy access to advanced display tools and image access, independent of the PACS system in use.


HCP detector

  • 50-micron displayed pixels
  • Hexagonal pixels distribute the electrical field more efficiently for a stronger, more uniform signal
  • Results in images with high DQE and MTF
  • Ultra-sharp images, gentle dose
  • Upgradeable to future technologies


  • Optimizes exposure parameters
  • Automatically detects and removes implants from analysis, thereby calculating the optimal exposure and image processing.

Comfort Paddles

  • Flexible compression paddle gently adapts to the breast
  • Patented design allows for firmer, more tolerable compression
  • Slotted paddle edge allows plate to flex and contour to the breast

One Shot QC Program

  • Provides phantom materials and software support needed for QC Technologist and Medical Physicist testing
  • 5-minute weekly QC testing with the ACR MAPP and the 1 Shot Phantom M Plus
  • Single exposure produces 10 quantitative test results
  • Allows for trending and print out of accumulated weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual QC test results

S-View with ISR

Iterative Reconstruction:

  • Reduces ‘out of plane’ blurring artifacts
  • Reduces granularity in the slice images

Super-Resolution technology:

  • Generates a higher sharpness than the original projection images / detector resolution
  • Accurately corrects the displacement of each pixel in the projection images

2D Cycle Time

Fast acquisition and reconstruction

  • Continuous 15° sweep of X-ray tube
  • Acquires 15 projection images (N mode)
  • 4-second acquisition
  • Projection images are reconstructed into tomosynthesis slices that are 1mm apart
  • Tomosynthesis slices are output to a diagnostic workstation at a 100mm pixel pitch


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