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Award Winning Products From SHIMADZU


Each year, Frost and Sullivan presents the Best Practices Award for Global General Radiography Product Line Strategy Leadership. This award goes to the company that has excelled in developing a comprehensive product line that caters to the breadth of the entire market it serves. In 2017, SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS is honored to receive this prestigious recognition!

In its announcement of the award, Frost and Sullivan stated that SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS continuous innovations and upgrades to its radiography product portfolio in 2016, ensures that its radiography products stay relevant and in high demand, in an ever evolving and highly competitive global market. The Radiography Product Line Strategy Leadership Award also recognizes the record of excellence in service and dedication that SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS provides to its customers throughout the world.

This award specifically recognized the following SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS trend setting products:
• MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 version mobile x-ray system with digitization features
• RADspeed ProEDGE high performance general radiography equipment
• Sonialvision G4 Multi-Functional Universal Fluoroscopy Systems

Congratulations to SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS for earning the 2017 Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award!

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