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Visionary Suite


FDR Visionary Suite provides impressive speed and repeatability for faster workflow. Fujifilm’s proprietary Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology captures images with high sharpness and DQE with lightning-fast preview and cycle times.



Automated Long Length Imaging

This technology takes multiple images in one sweep and automatically stitches them to create images of up to 63” upright and 47” supine. Misaligned images caused by patient body movements can be automatically corrected through automatic motion correction software.

  • SpeedLink™ automatically presets preferred, dose-saving techniques: collimation field size and more.
  • Auto-positioning automatically moves the x-ray tube and corresponding detector to the required position for the exam (tube and detector can also be positioned manually)
  • Auto-collimation automatically adjusts field size based on Source to Image Distance (SID) and exam type selected at the workstation
  • Automatic x-ray tube tracking to manual movements of the table and upright detector
  • 2-second image preview, 9-second cycle times
  • Lightweight ceiling suspension and tube head system for smooth and easy movement to any position, angle or height
  • Tilting upright stand (-20 to 90°) with motorized elevation
  • Large area tabletop and stroke with motorized elevation is easy to position and accommodates up to 649 lbs.

Digital Tomosynthesis

With this optional technology, the x-ray tube acquires a series of images in a single sweep that are then reconstructed to create coronal cross-sectional image slices.

Dual Energy Subtraction

Fujifilm’s Dual Energy Subtraction (DES) is an optional advanced radiographic application designed to facilitate radiologist interpretation of an exam by eliminating anatomical structures that might otherwise obscure pathology.

This technology, using the difference in x-ray energy absorption, creates separate images of soft tissue and bone. These images are then processed to create a single chest x-ray image.



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