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D-EVO Suite FSx provides a robust design with features to maximize patient safety, positioning and radiographic exam outcomes. Built to last and perform for imaging centers, orthopedic facilities, urgent care clinics and hospital radiology departments of every volume. The system is fully integrated with Fujifilm’s latest FDX Console technologist workstation and lightweight wireless detectors. D-EVO Suite FSx is a fully scalable solution, customizable to meet your budgetary and workflow requirements.


Table Features

  • Motorized elevating table with 4-way floating top built-in stationary grid 103-line/cm, 10:1, 34-44″ FD
  • Safety toe-switches four-way float and vertical controls.Table edge mounted control handle also included standard
  • Heavy duty 800 lb weight capacity built to last
  • Large patient area 36″ x 85″ flat tabletop
  • Low 22″ minimum height for easier patient access
  • Smooth, edge-free tabletop provides fast, easy patient transfer from trauma use
  • Rotating non-charging bucky tray (optional)

Wall Stand Features

  • Space-saving non-tilting wall stand
  • Built-in stationary grid – 103-line/cm,10:1, 40-72″ FD
  • Overhead and side patient hand grips simplify comfort and positioning
  • Swivel vertical height control handle angles to flex with technologist wrist as bucky is raised or lowered
  • Detector Compatibility – chest and table bucky trays and automated features integrate seamlessly with standard sizes and with Fujifilm’s full field sized 17×17″ D-EVO detectors (can also be used with CR)
  • Rotating non-charging bucky tray (optional)

System Power Features

  • Automatic or manual collimation provide options for all budgets
  • Collimators features LED illumination and laser centering
  • SpeedLink – two-way communication between FDX Console and generator, maps techniques and collimation field to exam menus and receives exposure data from generator
  • Generator – 40 – 80kw; single or three-phase options.
  • Generator console – Touchscreen control console (optional)
  • 600kHU x-ray tube with 0.6 / 1.0mm focal spot
  • Automatically selected additional copper filtration built-in collimator unit
  • Optional DAP meter
  • Single phase energy storage unit generator. 55kW (230VAC single phase) offers flexibility to install in locations where 3 phase power is not available.



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