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Oasis Velocity is about providing the optimal combination of patient- centric care and clinical performance. Built to handle the most challenging patients, with an unobstructed viewing angle, no other MRI system enables you to capture and retain as broad of a patient demographic as Velocity.

A unique achievement in high-field imaging, Velocity’s truly open architecture features an advanced magnet design, Workflow Integrated and Zenith RF Technology, along with advanced imaging capabilities to handle all patients with confidence, without compromising on performance or efficiency.


Velocity Complements Your Network

The only High Field MRI with table capacity (660lbs/330kg) and Open design for anxious patients.

The most accommodating patient table with the widest surface, lowest minimum height, and lateral movement.

High Field strength brings quality imaging you expect.

Radiofrequency System and Receiver Coils

The Fujifilm Zenith System is a powerful combination of multi- channel RF technology and exclusive Fujifilm Zenith RF coils. Zenith provides excellent image quality, seamless workflow, wide clinical capability and optimizes patient comfort. RAPID (Fujifilm’s parallel imaging feature) reduces scan times and optimizes the clinical value of the vertical field RF coils.

Magnet System

Velocity is the highest field strength, whole body vertical field magnet. Fujifilm expertise in vertical field magnet design and RF coil technology deliver outstanding image quality—with no compromise on patient comfort.

ORIGIN MRI Operating Software

Windows® based operating software serves as a familiar environment for moving easily through demanding clinical applications and protocols. From patient registration through scan set-up to image archiving, ORIGIN mouse-driven operating software is easy to learn and use.

Gradient System

Innovative Fujifilm gradient amplifiers and vertical field gradient coils provide power to scan at high spatial resolution in shortened scan times. By employing 33mT/m peak amplitude, small FOVs and thin slices can be combined, and large matrix datasets can be quickly acquired with slew rates of up to 100 T/m/sec.


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