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Somatom Definition


With the SOMATOM Definition AS, Siemens provides a scanner that is capable of adapting to patients. Scalable from 20 up to 128 slices the system can be configured to your needs. With the FAST CARE platform, the SOMATOM Definition AS is designed to help maximize clinical outcome and to raise patient-centric productivity.


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Every CT examination poses individual and specific requirements to achieve the best clinical outcome.

Dual Energy

Dual Energy adds quantitative information to the morphology of a conventional CT scan. Receive sharp image quality and sharper contrast with the possibility to significantly reduce metal artifacts.

Low Dose CT

Applying the lowest radiation dose possible.

Open CT for most patients

Meet the different needs of your patients. 

  • Highest spatial resolution to visualize even small details
  • Enough power reserves, large bore, and high-capacity table for bariatric imaging
  • 70 kV scan mode for pediatric imaging
  • Dynamic CT imaging with up to 42 cm coverage using the Adaptive 4D Spiral
  • 3D image guidance in minimally invasive procedures designed to help simplify complex interventions








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