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Multipurpose R/F


Persona RF

Fujifilm continues to expand their cutting-edge medical imaging portfolio with a mission to give both hospitals and medical centers the technologies they need to positively impact patient care.



With the SONIALVISION G4, Shimadzu offers the BEST in CLASS Multi-functional Universal RF System – one that is useful in a variety of examinations and examination environments, provides high image quality minimizing X-ray dose levels, and is easy to operate.


X1 R/F

The dawn of connecting innovation with patient care. To increase your room effectiveness and save on costs, FLUOROspeed is designed to consider all users in a diversity of situations, making it ideal for a wide variety of examinations.



The Intelli-C offers the latest technology to optimize image quality, reduce dose and improve efficiency in radiology and GI departments. The leading-edge tilt C-arm can perform a wide range of procedures from radiographic and fluoroscopic to interventional and image-guided GI studies by offering optimized image quality, advanced software and ergonomic design.



Multitool of Digital Imaging. The DR 800 with Dynamic MUSICA® is a versatile multi-purpose DR system for radiography, fluoroscopy and advanced clinical applications all with a single investment.