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The Intelli-C is a multipurpose Tilt-C X-ray system, capable of performing a wide variety of procedures ranging from radiographic, serial, and fluoroscopic X-ray, to specialized applications, such as angiographic studies, GI procedures and pain management. The Intelli-C system also has the ability to perform Peripheral DSA exams with a robust imaging system and software that features a 17”x17” Cesium Flat Panel Detector, designed to provide excellent image quality at low radiation doses.


Versatile Design Features

Intelli-C allows for the table’s support arm to be configured on the left side of the system for open patient access during image-guided endoscopic procedures. Vertical table elevation starts at 20 inches off the floor for safe and easy patient loading.

Advanced System Capabilities

Industry-leading table width of 27.5 inches holds a weight limit of 660 pounds which offers the ability to image bariatric patients. The carbon fiber table, low-dose software options, virtual collimation and radiation-free positioning help reduce does to patients and staff.


Improved Efficiency and Workflow

Programmable, automatic C-arm positioning provides improved throughput and easy access around patient table. Rapid and intelligent C-arm motion allows for precise angulation and maximum versatility.

Advanced Ergonomics

inControl remote and tableside touchscreen monitors provide easy access to all functions for system movements and image optimization.


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