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Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System


The Persona CS mobile fluoroscopy system is an advanced c-arm solution designed for rapid single unit positioning within even the tightest OR environment. With a 5kW generator and over twice as much power than typical compact models, this product has been perfectly balance to provide superior xray performance without compromising maneuverability!


Compact Design

The large, lightweight mobile C-arm is perfect for any operating room. A hassle free system makes repositioning easy on this compact 2on1 platform with color coded locks that are designed to make your life easier!

Display Unit

The 27″ 4MP monitor is great for view, edit and post process images with its onboard. The slimline design ensures maximum viewing clarity while maintaining driver sightlines.

Absolute Operability

The exam console allows for full control from any angle with a c-arm mounted multi touch operator display and live image feeds.

Flat Panel Detector

With a choice of 21 or 30cm Cesium Iodide (CsI) flat panel detector, Persona CS offers unparalleled imaging performance in the smallest footprint. It has a dedicated radiography mode, removable grid and fluoroscopic imaging at up to 30 frames per second








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