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Reconditioned (GE)

Discovery MR750w

Caring Design. Insightful Technology.

Every piece of equipment you own represents a balance of technology and design. The Discovery MR750w not only exemplifies this philosophy, it takes it further. We’ve integrated the power of 3.0T technology you desire with a wider bore patients deserve. And that’s just the beginning.

Optima MR450w

The Optima MR450w took the right amount of technology and combined it with the right gantry design. Namely the performance you only get from 1.5T with the open architecture of a 70 cm wide bore. It’s cutting-edge technology fine-tuned to meet your everyday needs.

GE Signa HDxt

The next generation in High-Definition MR.

You’ve been heard. When you want more out of your MRI scanner, GE listens. And when you demand more accuracy, more productivity, and more support, GE delivers. Built on the high definition platform you know and trust, Signa HDxt offers an MR System that allows you to see more, do more, and expect more than ever before.

Optima CT660

Your vision of quality care made

The Optima CT660 system helps you deliver competent, personalized care that helps fulfill your mission and please your patients. One look at the sleek, compact design tells you this CT system is different.

Discovery 690 PET/CT

Discovery PET/CT 690 has the technologies you need. The 690 incorporates MotionFree imaging technologies. This potentially improves small lesion detection and image quality when coupled with MotionFree techniques, especially in areas affected by patient motion.


Make every study exceptional

GE Healthcare continues its commitment to delivering high image quality with lowered dose with the introduction of BrightSpeed* Elite with ASiR.


GE C-Arms are famous for their investment returning value. With the increased efficiency, you can expect to see large increases in productivity and efficiency.

Reconditioned (SIEMENS)


MAGNETOM® Skyra offers a full range of applications and technologies to address different customer needs ranging from the clinical routine to research.


MAGNETOM® Aera provides a sophisticated answer to these challenges. Its core technologies Tim 4G and Dot, along with its comprehensive and unique application portfolio, give you the versatility you need to meet the increasing demands in healthcare.

SOMATOM Definition

SOMATOM® Definition provides a scanner that is capable of adapting to patients. Scalable from 20 up to 128 slices the system can be configured to your needs.


SOMATOM® Scope, a space-saving, highly efficient CT system that brings cost-effective, quality imaging wherever you need it most.

BMI’s Fully Reconditioned line of scanners will look, feel and perform just like a NEW version at a lower total cost of ownership!
With hundreds of successful installations, BMI Certified Technicians fully recondition CT and MRI scanners at our dedicated Chicago Facility.
CT MRI Scanner
  • TURN KEY SOLUTIONS: reconditioning, project management/site planning, delivery & installation included
  • Standard one-year warranty
  • Appearance and Image Quality match OEM Specifications
  • National Sales and Service Coverage
  • Proactive 24/7 remote monitoring powered by
  • Tailored in-house financing options
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to new
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Remote Diagnostics powered by Glassbeam to ensure maximum uptime
  • 24/7 Phone Support with BMI Certified
  • Technicians and Registered RTs
  • Temporary Mobile Units Available
  • Modular Building & Mobile Units Available
  • Fee per Scan Mobiles Available
CT MRI Scanner

State-of-the-Art Reconditioning Process
CT, PET CT, & MRI Scanners


A fully reconditioned system takes approximately 240 labor hours.

  1. Record serial numbers and catalog software.
  2. Covers removed, sanitized, sanded, and prepped for paint – only number matching OEM paint is used.
  3. System’s mechanical side is sanitized and polished in a separate area to avoid cross contamination.
  4. Uncovered system is staged and an OEM manufacturing functional program is run.
  5. All tests are PASS or FAIL; any test with a FAIL is explored, fixed, and the test is run again until it passes three times in a row.
  6. All cables are cleaned and tested; replaced if necessary.
  7. Software is checked to ensure it meets the latest OEM release related to system model purchased.
  8. A power and grounding audit is performed.
  9. Image Quality is checked per OEM specifications.
  10. Power supplies are cycled, measured and replaced if needed.
  11. System is rejoined with covers, aligned, and a full set of calibrations are performed.


CT Scanners

  • GE Optima 660 128
  • GE VCT 64
  • GE Brightspeed 16
  • GE Discovery PET
  • Siemens Scope 16

MRI Scanners

  • GE 450w with GEM Suite
  • GE HDxT 1.5
  • GE HD 23X
  • Siemens Aera 1.5T
  • Siemens Espree

ISO:13485 Certified

At Brown’s Medical Imaging, we are proud to be ISO:13485 certified. This certification means that our products have been independently verified to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. ISO:13485 is just one way that we ensure that our products are of the utmost quality. We also perform regular internal audits and maintain a strict quality control process. As a result, you can be confident that when you purchase a Brown’s product, you are getting a product that is backed by our commitment to quality.

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