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High-volume imaging settings like yours demand high performance and reliability.  Our Cirrus X-ray room solution delivers speed, versatility, and confidence in a beautifully designed and molded overhead tube crane system.  Our feature-rich design combines imaging performance and versatility with reliability and easy operation. 


HighBright push button overhead controls

  • Large field  illuminated crystal display screen
  • Color-coded travel paths allow for simple and efficient directional movement
  • Electromechanical locks and detents for safe and reliable operation
  • Automatic balancer system promotes easy operation of overhead tube crane
  • Motorized vertical tube travel
  • Vertical position tracking with table and wall stand

Large field illuminated crystal display screen

  • HighBright push button overhead controls
  • Color-coded travel paths allow for simple and efficient directional movement
  • SID and Tube Angulation information display

Vertical Wall Stand

  • Exceptional travel range ensures head-to-foot coverage
  • Superb balance allows effortless one-hand operation
  • Designed for use with fixed or removable imaging detectors
  • Built-in vertical position sensors allow for synchronization with tube head
  • Many grid options
  • Rugged and reliable performance

Elevating Float Top Table

  • Rotating Cassette Tray maximizes value and versatility
  • Robust 770lb capacity pro-vides full lift support for all needs
  • Flush Mounted foot pedals for safe and convenient operation 








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