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Fujifilm continues to expand their cutting-edge medical imaging portfolio with a mission to give both hospitals and medical centers the technologies they need to positively impact patient care. As a longtime leader in diagnostic imaging, entering the radiographic fluoroscopy market with the innovative Persona RF PREMIUM System is a natural extension to their company and for customers.



Persona RF PREMIUM* a multi-purpose R&F System which have the ability to provide digital x-ray imaging studies and fluoroscopy exams, allowing physicians to enhance workflow and assess their patient’s condition.

Intuitive control with a single operator console

A unified image acquisition and QA workstation allows easy exam processing for continuous or pulsed fluoro, radiographic imaging and image stitching irrespective of system configuration. Powerful APR integration interfaces with joystick table controls for maximum positioning speed and confidence.

Continual patient contact

Bedside keypad and RF remote controls allow each operator to easily access their most convenient way of piloting the table, while a microphone on the remote console in the control room enables uninterrupted contact with the patient. 

Seamlessly secure positioning

Native chest imaging with 71” SID

Unencumbered chest imaging with a full 71” SID to minimize image magnification.*

Sturdy and Stable Design

Built for durability and long-term performance, supporting patient weight of 584 lbs without movement restrictions.

Adaptable positioning techniques

Wide range of motion with 94” of longitudinal coverage to assist in imaging patients with reduced mobility.



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