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Have You Considered Financing Your Imaging Equipment Purchase Or Lease?


Did you know that Brown’s Medical Imaging can source equipment financing for you?

Why should I finance my equipment acquisition?

  • To conserve capital. It is not necessary to commit significant amounts of capital to an equipment project. With financing as an option, your capital stays put, for any planned or unseen future needs you may have.
  • To preserve your existing credit lines. Don’t compromise your current credit lines by adding an equipment purchase that may require additional security. An equipment financing package will help keep those credit lines available for other uses as needed.
  • To “pay as you go” and let the equipment pay for itself. Your new equipment purchase will help generate periodic revenues that will help cover the scheduled payments of your finance package.

We are committed to working with you to find the perfect solution to deliver a creative financing structure and flexible terms. Ask your Brown’s Medical Imaging Sales Professional to help you with any Imaging Equipment financing needs that you are interested in.

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