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Accogent Elevating X-Ray Table


Introducing the exclusive veterinary X-ray solution equipped with a unique elevating float top table that can lower all the way to just 8 inches above the floor. This innovative feature makes it an ideal choice for capturing X-rays of large animals.


Motorized Elevating Table Top

The veterinary X-ray system has a motorized elevating table top (8″ to 48″ range) for easier movement of larger animals onto the table. It provides convenient access for positioning and point-of-care needs.

Lateral Movement Capability

The table top can move laterally by ± 5 1/8″. This feature offers a wider imaging area coverage for various animal types, ensuring comprehensive diagnostics.

Convenient 3-in-1 Footswitch

The X-ray system includes a tethered 3-in-1 footswitch that can be operated from anywhere within range. It enhances convenience in image positioning and overall care services.






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