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Edge DR


Edge 1717 can be installed quickly and easily, eliminating the need to modify existing x-ray equipment. The detector is the same thickness as a conventional film cassette, making it easy to fit into a standard cassette tray. Unlike traditional 14×17 inch CR cassette, the 17×17 inch detector improves flexibility when patient positioning without rotating it.



Auto-trigger signal sensing technology

This does not the need to integrate with a generator and efficiency was improved by streamlining workflow eliminating extra steps for use of film or CR. With less than 5 seconds of image preview time, patient throughput and overall productivity are improved and patient latency is reduced, providing an economical and ideal solution for x-ray diagnostics.

Retrofit System Configuration

• Edge 1717 (Tethered DR panel) • Workstation

• MyVetView Software

• mini PACS (optional) • Generator (optional)

Myvet View Acquisition Workstation

MyVet View is a complete image management software featuring easy data searching, fast image acquisition, and user-friendly functions. These functions include image viewing, reprocessing, optimizing and archiving.
It’s intuitive and direct graphic user interface provides users simple access to patient history, image search, and case studies.

An optional disk-based storage, mini-PACS secures original DICOM images and provides more consistent patient data management.








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