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ES 35G DR Room Retrofit


Enhance your workflow with Fujifilm’s latest DR detector and image processing.

Let your x-ray work for you, from customizable office table solutions to travel kits for field work. Panels and batteries are all interchangeable.


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Virtual Grid

Virtual Grid intelligent image processing corrects for the effects of scatter radiation while retaining high contrast and sharpness. It improves patient comfort, simplifies positioning, and allows for as much as 50% lower dose compared to grid exams.

ISS capture technology promotes high sensitivity

Equipped with Fujifilm’s proprietary Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology, which positions its capture electronics (TFTs) at the irradiation side, in contrast to traditional detectors. This design significantly suppresses scattering and attenuation of x-ray signals, improving efficiency to produce sharper images at lower doses compared to traditional designs.

Noise Reduction Circuitry improves detector sensitivity in high absorption regions

A unique, Fujifilm innovation in noise reduction circuitry maximizes signal strength to improve image quality in high absorption areas. This enhancement achieves 1.7 times the DQE of previous models, with as little as 0.03mr dose. Visibility of dense areas such as the heart and mediastinum are greatly improved.


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