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The Imaging Cloud Backup Solutions from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) offers medical practices a comprehensive, yet cost-effective, solution for protecting and storing DICOM images in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), this robust solution provides instant, on-premises access to all of your current studies plus automatic transmission and synchronization of all studies to the cloud for back-up, archival and recovery. All data is transmitted securely with 256-bit AES encryption, stored within the AWS hardened infrastructure and accessible only by using a unique user authentication key. Plus, multiple, redundant copies of the images are archived within the cloud to further protect against loss or damage.

With a low fixed monthly fee, no long-term contracts and a simple tiered structure, the Imaging Cloud Solution delivers enterprise-level reliability, scalability and security at private practice prices. Depending upon your current configuration, you will use either the Imaging Cloud Gateway or the Imaging Cloud Connector to safely and securely back-up to the cloud.


The Imaging Cloud Connector

The Imaging Cloud Connector, now standard in all EESi PACS Archives, supports automatic image compression and encryption for storage in the AWS cloud and enables connectivity with the cloud for back-up. When enabled, your EESi PACS Archive will serve as your primary storage repository for image studies, with secondary back-up of your archive in the AWS cloud. Local access to all of your imaging studies enables rapid retrieval and provides uninterrupted viewing in case of a cloud outage or loss of connectivity. While secondary back-up to the cloud gives your practice a cost-effective solution for disaster recovery and HIPAA compliance.

Cloud Backup Benefits

Together the AWS cloud and the Imaging Cloud Solutions offer the perfect balance of accessibility, reliability and security. By utilizing Imaging Cloud Solutions, you will enjoy:

  • Vendor neutral archive
  • Simplified HIPAA compliance
  • Secure, encrypted, redundant off-site cloud storage
  • Isolation from cloud outages
  • Automatic resumption and transparent cloud updating
  • Backed by the AWS Service Level Agreement
  • Retention of full image ownership
  • No minimum storage requirements
  • Unlimited automatic scalability
  • Disaster recovery included






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