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Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) helps imaging centers and practices meet the increasing consumer demand for digital mammography solutions with Merge Mammo from Merge Healthcare. Merge Mammo is a multi-modality, vendor-neutral digital mammography workstation that enables imaging centers to use a single workstation to display and read images from different vendors and different acquisition devices, including digital mammography, ultrasound, MR and CT.


Merge Mammo Features

  • Easily scroll through, arrange, stack and view prior studies — omitting nonscreening images — for faster, cleaner reads
  • Efficient Lesion Contouring lets you gain dynamic, quantitative measurements and engaging presentations, simply by clicking and dragging along lesion
  • Cross-Correlation Tool lets you compare a region of interest from the reference image to that of all other MG images in viewport (including prior studies images) quickly and easily
  • 12-bit enabled prints outputs gray-scale images just as clearly and as cleanly as looking at an on-screen image
  • Windows 64-bit architecture increases system responsiveness and memory to support large views/studies
  • Hanging Protocol Matching lets you match hanging protocols by number of studies loaded for faster image recovery/acquisition (rather than matching by study description)
  • Line Measurement Tool enables user to set preferred line thickness for improved accuracy and better visibility
  • Optimum View Tool improves the clarity of subtle anatomic structures so you can zoom in on paired images or particular sections, at increased resolutions
  • Fanning View improves reads by allowing users to specify spatial orientation on each monitor separately, creating a fanned “chest wall-to-chest wall” view
  • Inverted imaging enables conversion of white (the breast image) to black, while maintaining background (non-breast image as black to enhances the radiologist’s ability to isolate potential problem areas
  • Integrates with the complete line of PACS Archive Servers from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi)

Merge Mammo Benefits

Merge Mammo is a one-stop center for breast imaging in a digital environment – eliminating the traditional hassles of moving to digital mammography. By utilizing the Merge Mammo, imaging centers and physicians experience a number of benefits including:

  • Reduced Cost
  • Accelerated Workflow and Productivity
  • Simplified Image Comparison
  • Enhanced readability






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