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BMI fully reconditioned CT/MR scanners are dedicated to the details. One of our recent installs said,

“We would definitely recommend BMI to anyone considering but still unsure. Everyone working for BMI is very knowledgeable and accessible. As we have run into issues, they have been efficient and worked quickly to resolve our issues. One of the biggest benefits as techs, I would say, is the training on the scanner that we did with Amy. The training is still ongoing!!! The response time is quick, and they are also able to remote into our system to help us step by step when we are needing immediate help. During this training, we were able to learn new things on the scanner that we did not know were available to us. We were also amazed at how much we would be saving compared to what we were paying for the rented CT trailer. We are very happy with everyone involved in the maintenance and troubleshooting for our scanner. They all have our best interest in mind and are always happy to help us with whatever issues we run into. We have been so happy to able to provide an indoor facility to our patients. It is such a blessing to have this available in such a small community.”

Carla Hubright, Radiology Director
Comanche County Hospital Coldwater, KS


State-of-the-Art Process

1. Record serial numbers and catalog software.

2. Covers removed, sanitized, sanded, and prepped for paint – only number matching OEM paint is used.

3. System’s mechanical side is sanitized and polished in a separate area to avoid cross contamination.

4. Uncovered system is staged and an OEM manufacturing functional program is run.

5. All tests are PASS or FAIL; any test with a FAIL is explored, fixed, and the test is run again until it passes three times in a row.

6. All cables are cleaned and tested; replaced if necessary.

7. Software is checked to ensure it meets the latest OEM release related to system model purchased.

8. A power and grounding audit is performed.

9. Image Quality is checked per OEM specifications.

10. Power supplies are cycled, measured and replaced if needed.

11. System is rejoined with covers, aligned, and a full set of calibrations are performed.

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