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Trinias Cardiac Angiography


Shimadzu Trinias Cardiac Angiography is available in a ceiling mount; floor mount; and bi-plane version, all with 8” x 8” FPD. All versions are equipped with the exclusive Shimadzu SCORE imaging technology. The synergy between Trinias and medical care providers committed to providing the highest quality medical treatment and interventions leads to better patient-centered care. Reflecting years of experience Trinias has been painstakingly developed in conjunction with customer input.


SCORE Imaging

SCORE Imaging is a software technology embedded in the Shimadzu Trinias products. SCORE Imaging is achieved through Shimadzu’s proprietary ultra-high speed image processing technology. It provides excellent visibility, a wealth of image guidance functions, real time performance optimized specifically to medical treatment, and sophisticated 3D application techniques.

Intelligent Design Delivers Reliable Workspace

Trinias has designed in smart form with pleasant colors such as light-green and white. This intelligent design inspires both patients and clinical users with confidence and relax.

SCORE 3D Application

SCORE 3D application allows rapid display of the 3D reconstructed images automatically after rotational radiography. With a top rotational image acquisition speed of 60 degrees per second, the shorter contrast medium injection time reduces the burden on patients and ensuring high image quality.


SCORE StentView

SCORE StentView is the latest, advanced version of StentView, considered truly revolutionary by many clinical users, allowing you to enhance stents and adjust position in dynamic images in real-time. The function for specifying the region of interest(ROI) now allows multiple markers to be used for automatic detection, which contributes to higher detection efficiency and shorter examination times.






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