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Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) expands the capabilities of its PACS appliance with the EESi Web Viewer.  This secure, Web-based DICOM image viewer extends viewing capabilities beyond the DICOM network to common PCs connected to the Internet or Intranet network.

With the Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) Web Viewer, authorized medical professionals can securely retrieve, display and perform advanced Image Processing operations on DICOM medical images created by a variety of modalities from virtually any Internet-enabled device with the required Java applet installed.

Additionally, by applying user management and authorization level controls on the Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) PACS appliance, practices can use the Web Viewer from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) to securely share DICOM medical images with their network of referring physicians and other remote users.


Web Viewer Technical Features

  • Java-based, cross-platform DICOM image viewer: both the client-side and the server-side can run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other OS’s
  • Support for virtually all kinds of DICOM image files: grayscale and color, single-frame and multi-frame, JPEG-compressed (lossy and lossless), JPEG-2000-compressed (reversible and irreversible), RLE-compressed, MPEG-encoded movies and ZIP-compressed studies
  • Advanced image manipulation tools, including Window / Level contrast tuning, zoom, rotation, flipping, pseudo-coloring, enhancement filters
  • Distance, Surface, Angle and Density measurement tools
  • Graphical annotation tools
  • Cine-playback of multi-frame sequences
  • Hanging Protocols
  • Reference lines (a.k.a. Scout Lines) for MR and CT studies
  • Print to standard PC printers or to DICOM Printers (through the DICOM Print operation)
  • Reporting functions: support for text reports, voice reports, DICOM Structured Reports (SR)
  • Export functions: export DICOM files (including Presentation States and Key Images) to server and local disk, export images to local disk in JPG, PNG and JPEG-2000 formats
  • DICOM CD/DVD production functions, with embedded cross-platform auto-running viewer
  • Supports dual-head display configurations
  • Flexible and powerful integration interface, allows interfacing with virtually all kinds of back-end DICOM archives and integrating in any medical web application
  • Full range of Query/Retrieve capabilities
  • Multi-language GUI
  • CE-marked and FDA-listed as a class I medical device






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